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A fast paced contemporary mystery, set amongst the frozen landscapes of deepest Russia. Based on the best selling novel by Robert Harris (Enigma, Fatherland), a master of the thriller genre, Archangel brings to the screen just about the most gripping story of suspense drama that you could ever imagine. A British college professor working in Russia investigates certain mysteries surrounding the life and death of Joseph Stalin.
  • Archangel - Part 3

    Archangel - Part 3

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    With only a few days left before ice seals off the forests of Archangel, Kelso is led unwittingly through murder and intrigue towards his own personal 'Holy Grail' - Josef Stalin's secret legacy - which could change the face of Russian hist

  • Archangel - Part 2

    Archangel - Part 2

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    Fluke sets off for the Lenin Library to research the mysterious missing notebook. What starts as an idle enquiry soon turns into a dangerous chase across night-time Moscow and up to northern Russia. - Aired on 03/20/2005 - Season 1 Episode 2 - 43:48 - Rat

  • Archangel - Part 1

    Archangel - Part 1

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    Fluke is a maverick academic who attends a conference in Moscow about the newly opened Soviet Archives. One night he is visited in his hotel room by Papu Rapava, a former member of the Soviet police chief and bodyguard to its chief Lavrenty Beria. - Aired