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Amore Mio

As Mi Rae's wedding to Jin Gook is fast approaching, she finds a clue to her father's secret past and begins digging to figure out the mystery surrounding his past.
  • Amore Mio - Episode 4 (Final Ep)

    Amore Mio - Episode 4 (Final Ep)

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    Minwu is furious they kept it a secret, that he has a daughter. But Suyeong tells him the truth of the past calmly. 1988, Haechang finally visits Suyeong and feel bad about her raising young Mirae on her own. But he is relieved by the fact that she didn’t

  • Amore Mio - Episode 3

    Amore Mio - Episode 3

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    At last Mirae finds about her father’s secret, that he killed someone. In 1985, the whole campus was alert due to the rumors of spies in the school, Minwu and Haechang act as the center of the protest group. And because of that, Dosun is worried abou

  • Amore Mio - Episode 2

    Amore Mio - Episode 2

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    Suyeong is attracted to Haechang and he saves her from danger. 2012, Haechang hears from Minwu that Suyeong is back in Korea and runs to the airport. Finally, he meets Suyeong but not long after that, she collapses. Meanwhile, Mirae gets suspicious about

  • Amore Mio - Episode 1

    Amore Mio - Episode 1

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    Haechang makes international calls looking for his wife who left him 24 years ago. It’s to keep the promise that he’ll find her when their daughter plans to get married. But Haechang orders Dosun, his future in-law not to talk to his daughter about his pa