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2 Days & 1 Night S3

Two-day road trip to the beautiful spots in all the corners of Korea! Instead of fancy studio, this on-the-road reality show takes place in the rural sides. While over 10 million Koreans travel abroad each year, the 2 Days and 1 Night casts travel around Korea - to the mountains, farms, fishing villages, islands - where you can meet the welcoming smiles of our neighbors and the beautiful nature that cleanse our eyes. It's a New Start! 2 Days and 1 Night is starting fresh with new members and new directors. Former members Cha Taehyun and Kim Jongmin have stayed on board and new members Kim Juhyeok, Kim Junho, Defconn and Jung Joonyoung join in! Their destination will open your eyes to a new world and change the way you think about a variety show.

Licensed Regions: Worldwide excluding Korea