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13 Demon Street

The show is set at decaying 13 Demon Street where the host Lon Chaney, Jr. explains 'I am condemned to live here, to suffer on this earth eternally as a punishment for my sin. It is said that no greater outrage was ever committed by any mortal. But should I find a crime more heinous, my terrible punishment will end!' Filmed in Sweden

  • Popular 13 Demon Street - The Vine of Death

    13 Demon Street - The Vine of Death

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    A museum employee in Copenhagen, Dr. Frank Dylan, has a rare bulb than 4000 years old, the Mirada death vine from Malaysia. He decided to plant it in his greenhouse. When he gets home he finds his friend making a pass at his wife. There is a fight and he

  • Popular 13 Demon Street - The Photograph

    13 Demon Street - The Photograph

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    While vacationing in snowy Maine, photographer Donald Powers takes a number of powerful images, none more so than a lonely farmhouse framed by a bleak landscape. When a beautiful woman emerges from the house, Powers tries to get her to pose; instead she f

  • Popular 13 Demon Street - The Black Hand

    13 Demon Street - The Black Hand

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    There is a collision between two cars on a deserted coastal highway. A doctor has to cut his hand off to escape a burning car. He then takes the hand of the driver of the other car who was killed in the crash. He surgically transplants the hand onto his b

  • Popular 13 Demon Street - Fever

    13 Demon Street - Fever

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    In Vienna there is a mysterious flu epidemic. When the doctor visits an artist sick with the flu he looks out his window and sees a woman in a white baroque building. She opens the window, smiles and waves at him. It is the same woman in the artists paint