Poser Products Database 1.0

This products requires that you have MS Access 97 or 2000

Poser Products Database 1.0 is an mdb database to log your 3d purchases and free downloads. The "Data Entry" and "Image Report"
will display an image of the product. Images are stored in a folder on your hard drive and not in the database to keep the file size smaller.
You can track the Product Name, Description, Vendor Item #, Vendor Name, Merchant Name, Category, Format, Date Purchased
and Amount Spent. There is also a field to add a clickable hyperlink to a website or file on your hard drive such as a render. Two reports
are available, a plain text report in landscape format and a data and image report in letter format. Both reports will also show the Grand Total spent. There are several options available for running reports on the Reports Menu. You can filter by Date Range purchased, Vendor Name, Merchant Name, Category and Format. Maintenance pages are provided for Vendor, Merchant, Category and Format in order to add new entries. There is also a form to import data from Excel or a csv text file. This product is Freeware. The download links are now active.

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Poser Products Database Companion 1.0 (Scans folder & creates csv file for import)

June 4 - Added Project Data Entry page and 2 reports for projects. Once items have been added to the Products Data Entry you can
select them from pulldown menus on the Projects Data page and associate them to your projects. Reports will show items used for the
project or render. New screenshots available.

June 2 - Added File Size field to Data Entry Form and Report 2. Added popup Free Disk Space Calculator. Buttons are on the Data Entry
and Run Reports forms. Insert hard drive size and initial GB used and click calculate. The calculator will total up all the poser files and
show Free Disk Space left. Note the entry for the # of GB in the Initial GB Used field should be the total files on your hardrive not including
any Poser or 3d files. As you add the products into the database the calculator will adjust the total.

May 31 - Usage Allowed (Personal or Commercial) and Cost Type (Free or Purchased) fields added to Data Entry page and as filters
on the Run Reports form. Fields also added to Report with Images.



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