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United States3D Sara Creations  [ Edit ]  Site Reviews(0)
...Sara Fairytale Project - Backgrounds, Castle, Fae Cottage, Glass Coffin (w/Poses), Fairy Mushrooms, Spinning Wheel and Stool, Fairytale Cyclorama MATs, Staffs, Wands, Scepter, Fairy Antennae, Princess Crown, Floral Wreath, Sara White Hair, Apple, Thrones, Magic Morty Morphing Mirror, Red Riding Hood Basket, Elemental Familiars, Fairytale Coaches, Wings, Leggins, Cinderella Dress and Shoes, Evil Queen Dress and Hood, Fairy Dress, Fairy Eye MATs, Fae Underwear, Red Riding Hood Dress and Cape, Sara White Dress, Princess Skirt, 2 Tops, Hennin (Hat), Good and Evil Sara, Froggy Fae Morphs and MATs, P5 Glass Slipper Materials, Real flower textures for NeilP's fairy dress by chohole.
Christmas Project - Christmas Tree (figure), Tree skirt, Christmas Star, Tree Topper, Trees and stand, Star and ornaments, Holiday Wreath, Sara's Christmas Outfit, Elf Outfit and Shoes, Sleigh, Sleigh candy dish and candies, Toys, presents, stocking and hand bell.
Sara Native American Project - Hair, Body Textures, NA male outfit and headdress, Plants, rocks, campfire, canoes, totem pole, fire striking utility, Pueblo and pueblo chapel, NA dress, moccassins and armband, Animal skin, blankets and cradleboard, Campsite, chickee and tipi, Household items, rattles and weapons.
Sara Medieval Project - Backgrounds, Apothecary and terrain, castle Banners, furniture, dishes, etc., Medieval Settle (with opening seat) and 4-poster bed, Medieval Inn, Conforming armor for Michael 3 and untextured bowl hairstyle, Monk outfit for Michael 3 and untextured monk hair, Harp, CrumHorn, Cornemuse, Luth, Rebec and musician poses for Sara, M3 and V3, Shrub, willow tree and oak tree, Medieval queen outfit, Medieval knight armor for Sara, Tavern wench outfit for Sara, Medieval war tents, Sword, dagger and mace.
Misc - Ballgown, Long Morphing Dress, Characters - Anniebel and Jewels. Clothes - Sara on Ice, Boots for Sara, Retro Sara, Lee, male character for Sara, Sara Croft (Lara Croft), Speeder, Girlish morphs for Sara, Rebel jacket....

Added: Jun 26, 2005  Last Update: Jun 26, 2005  Category: 0 - 9  Hits In: 2  Hits Out: 1225
Japan3dw Bryce Downloads  [ Edit ]  Site Reviews(0)
...Bryce - Thunderhead Clouds. Poser - Biker Helmet, Goggles & Scarf, Race Queen Cap, Jile Mask, Jewels (shade), City (pov), Pyramid (terragen), ...
Added: Jun 26, 2005  Last Update: Jun 26, 2005  Category: Bryce  Hits In: 8  Hits Out: 1221
United StatesAnat Dayag Digital Art  [ Edit ]  Site Reviews(0)
...Gothic North Pole Background, Fashion Poses V3, Katie Sue SP3, Textures for Daisy Plushy, Aling Character for Aiko3, Mime Geisha Mask V3, Vampire Expressions for V3 D3 SP3, Belle V3 Face Morph, Natural Textures, Grass Textures & Brushes, Noa Head MT for Stephanie Petite 3, Hand Poses for Posette, Star Brushes, Lil for P4 Girl, Nina face MT for Posette, Jack Face MT for P4 Male, P4 Male Poses, Poses for Posette, Male Textures for V3, Hand Poses for V3...
Added: Jun 26, 2005  Last Update: Jun 26, 2005  Category: A - D  Hits In: 1  Hits Out: 1221
United States3d  [ Edit ]  Site Reviews(0)
...3ds Format - Cars - Ferrari Spider, Skoda Octavia1...
Added: Jun 26, 2005  Last Update: Jun 26, 2005  Category: 3D Models - Multi Format  Hits In: 5  Hits Out: 1213
United StatesFaery Moon  [ Edit ]  Site Reviews(0)
...Poser tubes...
Added: Jun 26, 2005  Last Update: Jun 26, 2005  Category: Poser Tubes  Hits In: 5  Hits Out: 1181
United StatesLynnart  [ Edit ]  Site Reviews(0)
...Lwo, 3ds, obj, dxf Formats - Architecture - Cabin, Castle, Chiswick House, Doric Temple, Dome of The Rock, Farm House, Hotel, House, Ionic Temple, Small Mosque, Stable, Norwegian Storehouse, Taj Mahal, Herod's Temple. Appliances - Gas Stove, Blender, Hair Dryer, Light Bulb, Ships Lamp, Table Lamp, Toaster. Computer Furniture - Dresser, Bed, Bookcase, Brass Bed, Chair, Coffee Table, Cupboard, Desk, Marble Top Table, Oak Desk, Office Chair, Sideboard, Piano Chair, Sofa, Sofabed. Bathroom - Bathtub, Sink, Shower, Soap Dispenser, Toothbrush, Toothpaste, Towel Bar, Hair Brush. Musical - Guitar, Army Drum, Banjo, Gaveau Piano, Bugle, Harp, French Horn, Keyboard, Recorder, Grand Piano, Sitar. Weapons - Arrow Pouch, Celtic Sword, Cossack Shashka, 19c French Cuirasier Sword, Crossbow, Duch Cutlas, Greek Sword, Jian Sword, British Hussar Sabre, Georgian Dagger, Officer Katana, Ottoman Sword, Rapier Sword, Russian Bow, Turkish Dagger. Armor - Italian Tilt Armor, Celtic Shield, French Cuirasier Breastplate, French Cuirasier Helmet, Drgoon helmet, Celtic Viking Helmet, Greek Helmet, Knight's Helmet, Ottoman Helmet, Spanish Helmet, Roman Shield, Samurai Helmet, Medieval Shield, Spartan Helmet, Roman Helmet, Chinese Helmet. Firearms - Duch Blunderbuss Musket, Browning M2HB Machine Gun, M1919 30 Cal Machine Gun, British Flintlock Carbine, Field Cannon, Mortar, French Musket, Naval Cannon, Flintlock Pistol. Marine - Greek Bireme Ship, Galleon Ship, Galley, Viking Ship (Coaster), Xebec, Viking War Ship, Zodiac Raft. Misc - Wooden Barrel, Bic Lighter, Wrist Watch, Sugar Dispenser, Thermos, Car Key, Ricoh 35mm Camera, Wrist Watch with Leather Band, Dinner Set, Chaise lounge Beach Chair, Picnic Table, Skateboard. Tools - Airbrush, Axe, Scissors, Screwdriver, Hammer, Pen, Easel, Ladder, Hand Saw. Vehicles - Conestoga Wagon, Lotus Super 7, Mini Cooper, Ford Model T, Racing Bicycle, San Francisco Street Car (cable car). Textures....
Added: Jun 26, 2005  Last Update: Jun 26, 2005  Category: 3D Models - Multi Format  Hits In: 1  Hits Out: 1131
United StatesPhilC Designs Ltd  [ Edit ]  Site Reviews(0)
...Poser 4, 5 and 6 - The Girl Black Outfit, Conforming lingerie for V3, Mayadoll Dresses, Dynamic cloth sari for Aiko, Little Red Riding Hood Conforming & Dynamic For the P6 figure Kate, Freebie Bride Dynamic cloth version for Judy, Judy Jacket - Skirt & Mini Skirt, Soccer Outfit, Soccer Shoes, Sports Gloves, Will Hobbit Character, Penny Hobbit Character, Judy Labcoat, P4/P5 Labcoat, P5 Morphing Pumps, Romantix Cape, Judy Marilyn Dress, Judy Harem Costume, Layered Dress, Skull Caps, Nvarra Wren Character, Bagpipes, Mike Gloves, Amazon Guard, Marazine Figure, Cheongsam Figure, Classical Wrap for Vicky, V Dress for Vicky, Poseable 7 Link Chain, Black Tex for Philc Leather Jacket, Bolero Top, Bubbles, Hardhat, Knight & Horse Poses, Kuhkri Knife, Magic Carpet, Mens Apron, Multi Morph Skirt, Ninja Hood, Parasol, Tophat, Renderman Character, Pro Pack Python Script, Wizards Beard, Donkey, Uncle Sam, Arcima Character, Cavalier's Hat, P4 Bandsman (Band Uniform), Oola Character, Project 65 Mask, Colonial pants Lace Up, V3 Mary Janes Shoes, Square Dance Hair V2, Avatar Lab Extras, Don Long Suit (Matrix Style), Star Wars Pricess Leia Slave Costume, Forage Cap, Conch Shell, Poseable Palm Tree, Dial Candlestick Telephone, V3 Minni Mouse Dress, V3 Ring Mistress, V3 Jessica Dress, Oriental Hand Fan, Attache Case (Briefcase)....
Added: Jun 26, 2005  Last Update: Jun 26, 2005  Category: M - P  Hits In: 1  Hits Out: 1127
United StatesShar3d  [ Edit ]  Site Reviews(0)
...Poser - Zots Gun, Angie tex for Steph, Tongue, 64 T-Bird, UT Stairs, Propeller Beanie Cap, Propeller Beanie, Sci-Fi Arc Building and Fountain, Thin Strap Dress Texture, Airplane Cabin (interior seating), USA Ribbon, Looks Like Bill The Cat, Witch Hat, Dork Armor, Posette Armor, Looks Like Opus, Textures for Vicky 1 Dress, Cheval Mirror, Techno Staff, Stealth Bike, Tanning Bed, Eyes for Mike & Vicky, Summer Face for Vicky, Creepy Clown Beer, Strap Shoe Pack, Ceramic Eagle, Storybook Dragon Texture, Bunny Female Character, Leggings Texture for Period Clothes, Cricket Bat, Do It Yourself Deck Kit, Maple Tree, Demon Character, Small Boat, Texture for Cuirassier Uniform, Slimy Brain, Double Sided Sword, Sky Scenes, Demon Horns, Skateboard, Dandylion, Simple Backdrop, Drafting Table, Dragula Coffin Hot Rod, Shotgun, Eyes for Vicky, Scabbard, Elf Cap, Earth Day & Night, Poser5 Box, Fashion Specs, Melaku for Vicky2, Plane for Creepy Clow, Easel, Elvish Slave Girl, Fish Bowl (goldfish), Pillow, Jewelz MAT for Vicky3, Pea Wings, Flag Pin & Ribbon, Holsters (tomb raider type), Large Key, Norn Text Sets, Museum Hall, Howler Custom Pack, Motorbike (motorcycle), Jan for Mike, Morphing Bed, Ladys Gun, Looks Like Energizer Bunny, Loony D Clown for Mike, Ming Ta for Vicky, Honda CBR1100 (Motorcycle), Cyclo background, Mean Ball Tex, Lingerie Tex Set for Posette Leotard, Dumpster, Wrist Gun, Stars Blue MAT Pose SP3 Bikini, V2 Skimpy Top, MilGirls School Uniform Texture, MilGirls Skirts Pants Textures, MilGirls Shirts Textures, Big Bubbles Prop, Towel for Posettes Bottom, Fireworks Stand, Pool Float Prop, Mr BeanZ, Stu Face For Michael 2, Trike, Mushroom, Gyrocopter, Creep Clown Coin 'o the Realm, Ouiji Board, Cauldron with Paddle, Witchy Hat with Stripes, Velan Power Ball Valve, Staircase Half Curve, Swing Chair, 12 Poses for Aiko, Freak Black Jeans, Freak Blue Jeans, Pencil Prop, Dandylion, 31 Karate Poses for Hiro 3, 7 Inch Heel Morph for Bats Angel Strap Sandals, Fancy Pool Table Set, Karl Kombat Kar, Aiko3 Cheerleader Poses, Model Paint Set, Simple Helmet, 30 Gymnastic Poses for Aiko3, V3 Bikini with Leather Texture, 3 Bins includes tex maps, 2 Fern Like Plants, Toothpick Dispenser, Jet Track Bike....
Added: Dec 5, 2005  Last Update: Dec 5, 2005  Category: Q - T  Hits In: 4  Hits Out: 1121
United  [ Edit ]  Site Reviews(0)
...Birdcage, Wheel, Jedi StarFighter, Shop Rack, Plants, Bradley Tank, BBS rim and Pirelli tire, Nissan 350Z, Fiat 500 Abarth, bajosextos, Bureau Desk, anteater, Crystal Vase, Head, MecaD0001 Human Character, Bathtub, Cartoon Car, Rally Stage, Rally Circuit, Mech Warrior, Mech Game, Cargo Interior, asylum fps, Lady with Guns (Lara Croft style), Metro Exe, Storm Trooper, Darth Vader, Tie Fighter, Mos Espa Arena, Concept Cars. ...
Added: Jun 26, 2005  Last Update: Jun 26, 2005  Category: 3D Models - Multi Format  Hits In: 2  Hits Out: 1059
Sweden3D Web  [ Edit ]  Site Reviews(0)
...Bryce Models - Bar Table, Old Buick Sign, Gear, Sound or Video Mixer Panel, Part (muffler shaped, Looks like a storage tank), Bryce Mats....
Added: Aug 6, 2005  Last Update: Aug 6, 2005  Category: Bryce  Hits In: 6  Hits Out: 1047
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